Event information

All the professionals and experts of paper, cardboard, cellulose products and allied machineries are more than welcome to join the event and using the business opportunities and educational aspects available, contribute in shaping the trends of the industry and play a role to make future.

PCCP as a business platform and international trade fair on the industries of paper, cardboard, cellulose products and allied machineries which held annually in Tehran International Exhibitions Center, Iran.

PCCP 2021,
On 21-24 June,
At Tehran International Permanent Fairground.

This leading business event had become the perfect platform for showcasing the entire spectrum of products and machineries relating to the paper, cardboard, cellulose and all allied Industries in Iran.

Opportunities to :

• Vast insight into the paper market and networking for your business success

• Meet industry players, market leaders and experts and decision makers from Iran and abroad under one roof

PCCP 2021 is the platform for paper manufacturers, traders and buyers and furthermore established itself as a business fair of the paper industry for joint ventures, investments and technology transfer promoting overall growth of paper industry in the country.

The PCCP 2021 business fair hosts buyers from paper and cardboard manufacturers, paper traders, printers, publisher, converter and paper packaging companies, designers for corrugated box and related packaging, investors & promoters with the latest technology, machinery and raw material for paper and cardboard manufacturing.

It provides congenial conditions for generation of new business opportunities in the field of cellulose products and the industries of paper cardboard, and allied machineries.

The growth of this event, which has already seen 4th editions, is a reflection of the increasing capabilities as well as the potential for new technologies and investments in the Paper industry and allied machineries.


The whole sector – in one place

The profile of the targeted specialists is broad. It includes manufacturers of paper, Iranian and foreign investors, representatives, producers of materials, distributors and wholesalers, engineers, mechanics, technologists.

International forums, bringing together professionals, leaders and innovators, are the essence of success for each industry. They offer excellent conditions for the exchange of ideas, technology, and experience and business development.

The International Exhibition of Paper, Cardboard, Cellulose Products & Allied (The4th PCCP, 2021) aims to bring together the expert group of exhibitors, industry professionals and visitors under one roof.

Paper industry in Iran is fast growing market, the demand for paper and packaged products in all kinds packaging and published printing is expected to increase since print market is growing as well.

It provides manufacturing companies with great opportunities in this sector mainly due to high demand for high-qualitative products.

Having in mind the importance of the paper industry in Iran, Ayandeh Andishan Radina Company has organized all International Exhibitions of Paper, Cardboard, Cellulose Products and Allied machineries since the first edition of PCCP2018, and the first edition of PCCP2021 will take place from 21-24 June 2021 at Tehran International Expos Centre. Because the goal set by the organizers for PCCP Expo is to become the leading professional forum for the paper industry sector for region.

Therefore, the International Exhibition of Paper, Cardboard, Cellulose Products and Allied (PCCP) has become trusted platform for business transaction. The event is attended by large gathering of paper manufacturers to explore the new technology, machinery and raw material for paper and cardboard manufacturing. Moreover, the participation of paper traders and paper packaging companies to explore the vast variety of papers at the event.

It is enhancing the platform in paper, printing, packaging, publishing and allied industries for trade visitors to visit for various types of papers at the show.

Be a part of this and you can:

• Network and exchange ideas with industry professionals, decision makers, R & D experts &
many more
• Established a new route to market in a different region
• Generate sales leads, find new buyers & expand your business network
• Do business & network with national & international companies
• Explore new business & investment opportunities

• Hear what the industry leaders have to say about issues & challenges in the sector
• Meet top industry associations and their members
• Showcase your latest machinery, technology and products to trade visitors
• Brand building with the industry & end users